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Executive Billing Source LTD
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EBS pursues unpaid or underpaid claims. 



Saving You Money!
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Certified Medical Coding & Billing with over 20 years experience
EOB and Payment Posting

•Payments entered within 1 day of receipt.
•EOB & Payments Posting-
Payments posted, calculate
write offs, coinsurance, deductibles
and patient payments.
•Claims quality check- Each EOB is reviewed very carefully to ensure
each claim was processed properly.
•Write offs- coinsurance and
deductibles are calculated and
allocated appropriately. 
•AR team follow up-Once EOBs
and payments are posted, your
claims are immediately turned over
to our AR team for follow up.

Claims, Follow up, and Appeals

•Maximum reimbursement follow up-  Claims are followed up systematically and quickly. Claim follow up is handled utilizing our electronic clearing house, insurance websites and direct contact via telephone. We diligently pursue your claims for maximum reimbursement and appeal your denials.

•Aggressive unpaid claim process- All unpaid claims are aggressively pursued by the AR team daily. We will keep calling and asking for explanations and ways to fix issues, until every cent due is paid. We are experts at getting through to the insurance companies to dispute improper denials and slow payments.

•Claim appeals- Denials and rejections are always handled by an appeal. Once the denial is evaluated, we utilize our appeal process to handle incorrect claim denials. Claims are never written off without being appealed first.