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Medical Billing Services

Our Billing Experts will streamline your billing by accurate use of ICD-10 codes and claim scrubbing to validate claims that are appropriate and accurate before submission. Our medical billing service scrubs the claims to ensure that all relevant information for processing is included. If claims have to be re-filed, we will do so without any charge to the client. Our experts will follow the claim to ensure the practice receives reimbursement for the work the providers perform. Our medical billing service guarantees an accuracy of over 98% within a 24-hour time frame of receipt.

                 Insurance Claims Collections

This service is ideal for medical practices that do not want to outsource their entire billing but only recover their old AR.

Executive Billing Source does not charge any upfront fees for Old AR Recovery. Our fee is determined by several factors such as age of the accounts and the overall size of the project and start from as low as 18% of the collections. Let our expert insurance collectors handle this aspect of your business so you can continue to focus on growing!  Every denied claim will be appealed quickly and well before the time line for making the appeal. Reasons for denials, rejections and low payments are investigated and we make sure the appropriate corrective and preventive actions are taken. EOB’s & other resources are utilized properly to track the appropriate denial and actions are performed accordingly. These and other strategies used by our collection experts provides you with the best possible income. 

Electronic/paper claim submission

Claims correction and/or re-submission

Denial management

Tracking / claims management

Insurance collections


Clean Claims

Fewer Denials

Certified Coders

HIPAA Compliance

Latest Coding Tools & Software

CPT, ICD-10 and HCPCS Coding

Meet Insurance & Government regulatory requirements

Fast turnaround times

A dedicated team of experts serves as an extension of your own staff committed to manage and collect every dollar your practice deserves.